Losercore 7″

Sentridoh Losercore

Losercore – 7″ – Smells Like Records – 1992

From the title to Lou’s patented downstroke guitar style its classic solo Lou.  There is a second pressing of this record which comes with a coverless sleeve.  It generally seems to come in a beige sleeve although my copy has a white sleeve.  The label on the record itself is brown rather than white as it is on the standard version

Losercore / Really Insane / Instrumental

Gimme Indie Rock

sebadoh indie rock

Gimme Indie Rock – 7″ – Homestead – 1991

Classic early 7″ featuring the mighty Gimme Indie Rock.  Has been repressed multiple times on different colour vinyl (Clear, black, grey and green) as well as a picture disc edition limited to 1,000 copies.

Gimme Indie Rock / Ride the Darker Wave / Red Riding Good / New King / Calling Yog Soggoth


Asshole 7″

Asshole - first pressing Asshole - Second Pressing

Asshole – 7″ – Vertical Records – 1990

Limited to 500 copies the first Edition copies are different as they were each decorated by hand.  Second pressing of 500 copies comes with a simpler colour photocopied sleeve.  Available in multiple colour ways.

Pig (Coward) / Hung Up / Slow to Learn / Julienne / Violent Elements / Attention / Your Long Journey

Hidden in plain sight…

Free Kitten Unboxed

Oven is My Friend 7″

sebadoh Oven

Oven is my friend – 7″ – Siltbreeze – 1991

The standard Edition comes with a black and white sleeve plus there is an edition limited to 50 copies with a colour sleeve – According to Sebadoh and Suchlike the label could not afford to print colour copies so a friend of the label printed 50 copies for friends and distributors.  My copy is oddly enough copy 51…???

Oven is My Friend / Prove It / Cheapshot / Waxbag Maestro / Delicious Cakes