Sentridoh – Losers

Losers – Cassette – Shrimper – 1991

There was a self released version of this cassette which has a different track listing but this is also the first Shrimper cassette release from Lou. The covers have been hand coloured.

Columbus / The Freed Pig / Only Losers / Normal Way / I See You Running / Antheneezal / K-sensa-my II / Coolest Hurt / Growing / Love Up Above / You Fell Down the Stairs/Pink Twinkie / Blonde in the Bleachers / Face Down/High-d / Strange Love / Mellow, Cool and Painfully Aware / Bay City Baby/Blind Dove / I Feel Good Inside About Me Inside Me / Breakdown Day / Afraid of Babies / Old Wife Cried / I Will Be Lonely All My Life / Favorite Letter / Rise Below Slowly / Give Up / Morning Rain / Six Days Without Shaving / Wipe it Out / Fleshy True / Colix Jauntarah / Win Slow / Weed Forestin / Sebadough / Mojain Plane / Try to Get What You Want, Never Get it / I’m So Depressed / Wendin Will / The Free Man

Original Self released cassette images courtesy of Simone Iordan. I am very jealous.




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