Eric Gaffney Singles

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Eric Gaffney 7

Sub Pop Singles Club – 7″ – Sub Pop – 2000

Lou wasn’t the only one to snag himself a piece of history as part of the Sub Pop Singles Club.  Eric released this blue vinyl edition which was limited to 1,300 copies.

Cold Weather / Twilight

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Fields of Gaffney Split

Split with Pernath – 7″ – Morc Records – 2004

7″ on Morc Records out of Belgium limited to just 250 copies.  The record is split with the band Pernath.

Wanna be with you / Long Journey

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Screen Shot 2013-07-09 at 06.51.38

Jesus Christ / Alasdair Roberts and Ivor Kallin split – 7″ – Happy Soul Records – 2013

Split 7″ on happy soul records with Alasdair Roberts and Ivor Kallin.  Eric contributed two tracks and provided the artwork.  This is Eric’s only physical release as Jesus Christ.  The record is limited to 300 copies and comes on yellow vinyl.  There were 10 test pressings in total – The sound on the first batch was poor and it had to be re-pressed.

America’s Drug / The Newts & the Salamanders

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