Folk Implosion Albums

Walk through the world with the folk implosion cassette

Walk through this world with the Folk Implosion – Cassette – Chocolate Monk – 1993

Cassette on Chocolate Monk from the UK.  CHOC.0000005.  Very Lo-Fi early release on cassette only from Lou Barlow and John Davis.  Some of these tracks can be found on the Drunken Fish 7″ and it also includes overs of Nirvana, Tom Petty and George Jones

Not a Man / Slam Dance Tonite / Kick a Cutie / Stereo / Why Do They Hide From Me / Sputnik’s Down / My Head Really Hurts/ School / I Remember the Angels / Eternal Party / Third Mind Trouble / Walk Through This World / End of the First Side / Touch Me All the Time / A Winter’s Day / Hey… / I Know What I Want Today / …Hey, You Don’t Say / I Won’t Back Down / Better Than Allrite / License to Confuse / Let a Little Lovin’ / So Sweet I Swear / End


Take a Look Inside…The Folk Implosion – LP/CD – Communion – 1994

First proper release from the Folk Implosion including six tracks from the Chocolate Monk cassette.

Blossom / Sputnik’s Down / Slap Me / Chicken Squawk / Spiderweb-Butterfly / Had to Find Out / Better than Allrite / Why Do They Hide / Winter’s Day / Boyfriend, Girlfriend / Shake a Little Heaven / Waltzin’ With Your Ego / Take a Look Inside / Start Again


Dare to be surprised – LP/CD – Communion – 1997

The UK LP came with a poster and an additional bonus 12″ featuring a Dust Brothers remix.  There is a colour vinyl edition.

Pole Position / Wide Web / Insinuation / Barricade / That’s the Trick / Checking in / Cold Night / Park Dub / Burning Paper / (Blank Paper) / Ball & Chain / Fall into November / Dare to be Surprised / River Devotion



One Part Lullaby – LP/CD – Domino – 1999

The last Folk Implosion album before John left the band.

My Ritual / One Part Lullaby / Free to Go / Serge / E.Z.L.A. / Mechanical Man / Kingdom of Lies / Gravity Decides / Chained to the Moon / Merry-Go-Down / Someone You Love / No Need to Worry / Back to the Sunrise


The New Folk Implosion – LP/CD – Domino – 2003

The final FI release and this time not featuring John Davis but rather Imaad Wasif and Russ Pollard.  Lou recently released this as an extended edition on Bandcamp.

Fuse / Brand of Skin / Pearl / Releast / End of Henley / Coral / Leaving it up to Me / Creature of Salt / Easy



Deluxx Folk Implosion – Witches Pickle Records – 12″ – 2016

Mark Perretta ha released this 12″ with tracks recorded back in the day by the DFI.  The record is limited to 1,000 copies.  You can pick it up from here.  Some of the tracks are different versions of tracks around on the DFI Domino 7″.

Clothespin Suicide – No Matter Who You Are – Oven Mitt – Greetings From Sarajevo – Reasons I’m In Prison – Cavalcade Of Death – Liquid Bread – Background Graveyard – Daddy Never Understood – Whole Hog – Better Than Alright – You Can’t Win – Face Full – Last Song

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