Lou Barlow / Sentridoh Compilations

Here you will find those compilation releases where Lou has provided solo tracks.  I won’t be including every solo compilation release but concentrating on the vinyl and cassette releases plus random odds and ends… loser bunny

Ghost of a Rollercoaster (A Shrimper Compilation) – 7″ – Shrimper – 1991

Compilation featuring the Sentridoh track Me and My Arrow plus tracks by Shrimper faves such as Franklin Bruno, Refrigerator…etc

Me and My Arrow

loser bunny IMG_0271 Pawnshop Reverb (A Shrimper Compilation) – Cassette – Shrimper – 1992

Another Shrimper compilation this time on cassette.  $2.00 postage paid…What a bargain!

Certain Dance Circumstance

loser bunny IMG_0272 Capgun (A Shrimper Compilation) – Cassette – Shrimper – 1991

Yet another cassette on Shrimper with all the usual suspects in tow.

Commercial Losers: Sensitive Dullthump, King of the dry hump

loser bunny


Back to the Egg, Asshole – Cassette – Shrimper – 1991

A Shrimper compilation of anti-tributes to Paul McCartney featuring Franklin Bruno, The Mountain Goats and Wckr Spgt.  The tape features on this page as it includes a track by Lou Barlow titled Revolution #37 which is actually a tape manipulation piece of Lou Barlow material.

Includes a Shrimper catalogue

Revolution #37

 loser bunny


Abridged Perversion (A Shrimper compilation of Shrimper compilations) – CD – Shrimper – 1993

As the name suggests this is a collection of tracks from other Shrimper compilations.  The Lou Barlow track is Certain Dance Circumstance from Pawnshop Reverb whilst the track Revolution 37 is actually a tape manipulation of Lou Barlow recordings.

Certain Dance Circumstance

loser bunnyIMG_0247

Ow, Quit It. Vol 2 – 2×7″ – Volvolo – 1994

Double 7″ split featuring Steve Fisk and Soul Junk.  For this release Lou goes under the elongated moniker Louis Barlow’s Acoustic Sentridoh.

I Stopped Singing

loser bunnyIMG_0245

Cool Beans Issue 3 – 7″ – Cool Beans – 1994

Split with the band Dis given away free with issue 3 of Cool Beans.  Features the track Morning Rain ’92

Morning Rain ’92 loser bunnysebadoh lou mag

Sick & Tired – 7″ – Dark Beloved Cloud – 1995

Free 7″ with Escargot magazine an early zine about music and the internet.  The record also features Dymaxion, John Davis and Rula Lenska.


loser bunnyBlue Bunny Compilation

Blue Bunny – 7″ – Fly Girl – 1997

Sold with issue 7 of the Flygirl zine and also features John Davis from Folk Implosion and Dennis Callaci from Shrimper.  Lou records a cover of Will Oldham’s Riding.


IMG_0432 loser bunny IMG_0561

Colonel Jeffrey Pumpernickel – A Concept Album – LP/CD – Off Music – 2001 

A compilation featuring not only Lou’s Sentridoh but also Stephen Malkmus, Guided By Voices, Quasi and Weird War.

Morning’s After Me

loser bunnyIMG_0680

Comes with a Smile Vol 13 – CD – CWAS – 2005

Free CD with Issue 13 of Comes with a Smile magazine.  Also includes tracks by Jens Lekman and Comets on Fire.

A Man in Love (Live)

loser bunny IMG_0278

Smooth Sounds (Music of WCKR SPGT) – Cassette – Shrimper – 2011

A recent Shrimper compilation of covers of WCKR SPGT tracks.  Lou’s track is Smooth Sounds for your fuckin’ face.  Cassette edition is limited to 250 copies.  Also available on CD.

Smooth Sounds for your Fuckin’ Face

loser bunnyIMG_0242 It Happened Here – 7″ – St Ives – 2010

Record Store Day compilation.  This 7″ came as a bonus with the LP and features Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy on the flip side.  Limited to 750 copies.

Imagination Blind (Live)

loser bunny


Sing For Your Meat – 2xLP/CD – No More Fake Labels – 2011

Lou features on a compilation of Guided By Voices cover alongside the likes of Thurston Moore and The Flaming Lips. The LP comes on double vinyl; one a dark swirled aqua blue and the other a yellow swirl vinyl.  Each side is assigned a colour label and Lou features on the Red side covering Game of Pricks.  The vinyl is limited to 500 copies.

Game of Pricks

loser bunny


Cause & Effect Vol 1 – 3×7″ – Joyful Noise – 2013

Very fancily packaged 7″ featuring tracks by 3 old timers Lou, Thurston Moore and David Yow plus 3 tracks by the so called young upstarts Dumb Numbers, Child Bite and Talk Normal.  1,700 copies come on clear and black vinyl whilst the first 300 numbered copies come on a clear/grey mixed vinyl.  There is also a small run of  black test pressings which Joyful Noise made available to their VIP club members as part of their Private Stash sale.  These have a sticker on and are limited to 15 copies.

Crack & Emerge

loser bunny


Thank you to Sebadoh and Suchlike for the images below.

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