Lou Barlow / Sentridoh Singles


Sentridoh Losercore

Losercore – 7″ – Smells Like Records – 1992

From the title to Lou’s patented downstroke guitar style its classic solo Lou.  There is a second pressing of this record which comes with a coverless sleeve.  It generally seems to come in a beige sleeve although my copy has a white sleeve.  I think the label on the record itself is brown rather than white as it is on the standard version although I can’t confirm this.  Anyone know?

Losercore / Really Insane / Instrumental


Sentridoh mysterious

The Mysterious Sentridoh E.P – 7″ – Little Brother Records – 1993

The tracks here all feature on the fantastic City Slang collection of early nineties Sentridoh singles.  Some dark, dirty sounds…but that’s a good thing!  The pictures below include a shot of the original reel 2 reel tapes froom Lou’s Instagram page.

sent single

Good in Others / The Spirit That Kills / Weakness is the Secret / Cold Love / No One Taught Me / No Matter What


Lou Barlow Sub Pop

Sub Pop Singles Club – 7″ – Sub Pop – 1993

Another great 7″ on pink vinyl limited to 1,500 copies from Sub Pop’s famous singles club.  Tracks again can be found on the Lou Barlow and his Sentridoh City Slang compilation.

I Am Not Mocking You / Survival / Helpless Heartbreak / Dirty Mind / Forever Instant


Louis Barlow's Acoustic Sentridoh

Louis Barlow’s Acoustic Sentridoh – 7″ – Lo-Fi – 1994

First 7″ release on France’s Lo-Fi Records.  Again the tracks featured on this 7″ ca be found on the City Slang compilation.

Natural Nature / Don’t Need / Endless Tease / Paranoid Revolution


Lou Barlow and friends another collection of home recordings Sebadoh Discography

Another Collection of Home Recordings – 2×7″/CD – Mint Records – 1994

Available on both double 7″ and CD this is a great mix of Sentridoh tracks including Bryan Adams and Joni Mitchell covers.

Run to You / Puffin’ / Queen of the Scene / Blonde in the Bleachers / What Would it be Like / Feel Good / Symbiosis / Option / Alone to Decide / Cranky / Machinery / Synthstrument



Holding Back the Year – 7″ – Domino – 2005

UK Single taken from Lou’s solo album EMOH

Holding Back the Year / Finger / Terrorize




The Right – 7″ – Domino – 2009

UK 7″ taken from the Goodnight Unknown album.

The Right / Author




Mirror the Eye – CDs – Acuarela – 2007

Lovely little spanish CD e.p. in a gatefold sleeve featuring 5 exclusive Lou tracks.  You can still buy copies direct from the label here

Yawning Blue Messiah / Faith Defies the Night / You’re a Goat / My Surrender / Mirror the Eye


Lou Barlow Joyful Noise Flexi

Welcome Home – Flexi 7″ – Joyful Noise – 2012

Part of the Joyful Noise flex subscription club.  The record is limited to 500 copies and there are 350 hand numbered wooden boxes for collectors.  Other bands in this series included Danielson, Deerhoof, Tortoise and Jad Fair.  Quite the treat.

Welcome Home


lb uke

State of Mine (Uke Version) – Lathe cut 7″ – Joyful Noise – 2014

Very limited lathe cut 7″ hand produced at WARMfest in Indianapolis by Joyful Noise.  These were also created for other Joyful Noise bands including Half Japanese.  Each edition was limited to 75 copies and hand signed by the artist.  Those that did not sell at the festival were offered up to JN VIP members.  Good luck hunting it down at inflated costs on Ebay or Discogs like I had to 😦

State of Mine (Uke Version)


boundBoundaries – Limited Lathe Cut – Joyful Noise – 2015

Lou took part in Joyful Noise’s release 50 Bands and a Cat for Indiana Equality.  Alongside Deerhoof, David Yow, GYBE and more he donated a track that featured on this charity digital compilation to support the LGBT community in Indiana.  If you donated $25 you could also choose the track of your choice to be pressed on to a lathe cut 7″ in the volumes ordered. There were 79 of the Lou Barlow records pressed.



Lou Barlow ? Lathe Cut

? – Limited Lathe Cut – Joyful Noise – 2015

A free lathe cut 7″ which Joyful Noise sent out to random members of their VIP Club.  Limited to 50 copies.  Features the track Wave which I am assuming is the same from the Brace the Wave album.  Let me know if I’ve got this wrong.




Sunshine – Lathe Cut 7″ – Joyful Noise – 2015

A one of a kind lathe cut 7″ produced to be auctioned off to raise money to support Thomas Fekete member of the band Surfer Blood and help pay for his medical expenses.  The auction was also supported with one of a kind lathe cuts from bands including Guided By Voices, Yo La Tengo and more.  The record sold on ebay for just over $300 .  You can still support the benefit fund by donating here.

Sunshine / Money / Thirsty

Note – Whoever won the bid, if you ever fancy selling it then please reach out!  I missed out by $5 and only because I was out and couldn’t re-bid!  Doh!



Apocalypse Fetish – 10″/CD – Joyful Noise/Domino – 2016

An E.P of tracks from Lou which as per JN’s style includes a limited VIP version on fancy vinyl and limited to 300 copies – silver in clear vinyl.  See below for the accompanied limited edition lathe cut’s that were released to promote the release of the E.P.

The Breeze – Apocalypse Fetish – Anniversary Song – Pour Reward – Try 2 Be




Apocalypse Fetish Lathe Cuts – Joyful Noise – 2016

5 x Lathe cuts – 100 of each available to promote the new Apocalypse Fetish 10″.  Each one features a different song from the E.P. and was available on a weekly basis to JN VIP members.



Love Intervene – 7″ – Joyful Noise – 2018

7″ limited to 500 copies on bottle green vinyl.  Recorded with a full band just after Lou broke his collar bone.

Love Intervene / Don’t Like Changes




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