Sebadoh Compilations

Just to reiterate I won’t be including each and every compilation album here. If for example it is a CD that just includes a random Sebadoh album cut as part of a soundtrack or something dull like that then life is too short and even I am not that obsessive (No judgement if you are!).  There are other sites that have been pretty thorough with this level of depth and if you want that you should check out Underwater Now or of course Sebadoh and Suchlike.



Magic Ribbons Vol 1 – 7″ box set – Leopard Gecko – 1989

Boxset featuring three 7″s and limited to 1,500 copies.  The first 500 come on colour vinyl.  Also features an insert.

Jaundice / Design / Dance / Cyster / Powerbroker / Lorax



Big Fish in a Little Sea – CD – JAMA Disc – 1991

Compilation album featuring an alternate version of Scars 4 Eyes

Scars 4 Eyes




The Lounge Ax Defense and Relocation Compact Disc – CD – Touch & Go – 1997

Fantastic compilation with an amazing selection of bands.  June of 44, Shellac, Guided by Voices, Yo La Tengo and the Rachel’s to name but a few.  I don’t believe they saved the Lounge Ax but a noble effort and a fantastically rocking track from Sebadoh.

Whole Hog



The XFM Live Sessions – CD – Select – 1999

I was not sure if I should include this or not as it is a magazine freebie and features some awful dross such as the Stereophonics and Travis however the Sebadoh cover of Cold as Ice to me is an absolutely fantastic track, if not hugely cheesy.  But I don’t care as its a great tune so here it is.  As the name suggests the tracks came from XFM’s session vaults.

Cold as Ice



Images of some of my many omissions…


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