As a bit of a collector I am always looking for those releases I’ve still not managed to pick up yet and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one.  On this page I have listed a few releases I have multiple copies of plus a few things I am missing.  If you are interested in trading then please use the contact form below.  Also if you have interesting Sebadoh related items to trade outside of this then get in contact anyway and perhaps I can find a way of creating a wider trading group!


To trade

Bakesale LP plus bonus 7″

Louis Barlow’s Acoustic Sentridoh 7″

Most of the Worst and Some of the best cassette

Wasted Pieces cassette

Jesus Christ (Eric)/Alasdair Roberts split 7″

Jesus Christ (Eric)/Alasdair Roberts split 7″ (Test Press)

Sparkalepsy/Unconvinced 7″  – Note: Massive price sticker mark 😦



Losers cassette – Original self released version

Back to the Egg, Asshole cassette

Kids Soundtrack LP

Sentridoh Winning Losers 10″

Smash your head on the Punk Rock LP

Harmacy LP – Fellaheen version





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