Eric Gaffney Albums

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Gracefully Aging Hippy Soloists with Fountains Turned Backwards – Digital/Cassette – Self Released/Academia – 1987

Compilation of tracks featuring Eric Gaffney and the late Charles Ondras (Unsane/Boss Hog).  Eric released this through his Bandcamp site in 2013 and Academia released it on hand dubbed chrome cassettes for Cassette Store Day 2014 in a limited run of 50 copies Order Here.  To find out more and to download check out Eric’s Bandcamp site here

Gracefully Aging Hippy Soloists

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The Gracefully Aging Hippy Soloists – Lifestyle 75 – Digital – Self Released – 1987

More from Eric and Charles… Check out Eric’s Bandcamp page here to learn all about it

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Lights up and Spins Around – Cassette – Self Released – 1998

Self released cassette limited to around 100 copies.  Most songs ended up on the Brilliant Concert Numbers album.

The Other Day / Fields Of Gaffney /Carried Away / Rondout Landing / Dead Piano Place / Spinning Around Like A Leaf / Reverb Machine / Kitchen Octave Tune / Cobweb Hall / Jittery Side Effects / Garage Acoustic / Cold Weather / No Expectations / Vibrato, Easthampton

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Fields of Gaffney Vol. 2 – Cassette – Self Released – 1999

Self released cassette limited to around 100 copies.

Snow /  Flying Machines / Vibrato / Birds Early A.m. / Fields Of Gaffney (Demo) / Come On Along / Portland NE Broadway / The River / 70’s Film Song / 12-String Fast / Basement Demo / Organ 1988 / A+E Demo / Steamboat / Rebel Waltz / Various / Mona / 5-Star Shandy Gaff

If anybody has some better photos of this release then please get in contact via the comments!

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Brilliant Concert Numbers – CD – Old Gold – 1999

This album comes on CD only and is limited to 1,000 copies.  You can still get copies direct from the label here

Hudson River Landing / Fields of Gaffney / The Other Day / Claverack / Loch Ness Monster / Dead Piano Place / Carried Away / All Sides / Cobweb Hall / Jittery Side Effects / 1983 / Moonlight / Reverb Subway Train / Rebel Waltz / Xylophone / Come On Along / Invisible Hands / No Expectations

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Cosmic Chicken and Egg – CDr – Self Released – 2005

Self released CDR direct from Eric which comes in a number of different colour sleeves.  My version came with 3 additional tracks and a hand drawn insert listing the details.  Like all Eric’s solo releases this is now available on Bandcamp

All Alone Again / The Other Day / Yours is the Music for No Instrument / 1983 / Be All Mine / Drifts on Thru / Moldy Bread / Alone in a Bar / Losers of the Living Room / Accelerated / Smashed Up Tree House / Oblivious / Push it Up to Me / Crisis / End of a Crisis / Sleeping Blob / Precious

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Nature Walk – CDr – Self Released – 2003

Handmade CDs available from Eric himself through mail order and at shows but now available only through Bandcamp.  Initial copies were hand numbered.

Push it Up to Me / Broke Up / Stars For Eyes / Wanna Be With You / Cold Weather / Long Journey / Accelerated / Oblivious / I Did Acid With Caroline / Cosmic Dancer / Gates of Steel / Pinball Machine

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Uncharted Waters – CD – Handmade/Old gold – 2006

Available on Handmade Records from Norway and Old Gold from the US.  You can still buy the album direct from the label here

Cold Weather / Twilight / Leave Me Alone / Gone Wrong / Shark Attack / Arcadia / I Want a Woman / Punk Rock Monkey / Coiled / Walked in Like a Byrd / Puzzle Piece / Someone Nice / Colorform Viewfinder / De-esclation / Singing Iceberg / Under the Influence of X + Minutemen / Too Bad Luck / Gold Trimmed Hat (Pro Brush finale) / In Line / Flash Flood Advisory / Baker Street / Time Zones / Nights Are Forever / Locket Love / Stampede Caribou Recipe / L.A. Jogging Soundtrack / Life Isn’t Fun Anymore

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Sore Foot Weirdy – CDr – Self Released – 2011

Also available on Bandcamp to download


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America’s Drug – CDr – Self Released – 2011

Also available to download on Bandcamp


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Face of Man – CDr – Self Released – 2005

A self released Cdr from Eric which is now available to download from Bandcamp


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World Turned Upside Down – CDr – Self Released – 2011

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Big Rock Candy Mountain – CDr – Self Released – 2005

A self released collection of covers available only via Bandcamp


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stop eating animals cover

Stop Eating Animals – Download – Self Released – 2013

Digital only release through Eric’s Bandcamp site.

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A Cassetterospective – Cassette Boxset – Joyful Noise – 2015

This box set was put out by Joyful Noise in a limited edition of 100 copies.  Each box set features 10 cassettes hand chosen by Eric from his archives.  Making the set even more special is the inclusion of his first ever written song the Invisible Mouse which comes in the form of a lathe cut lid to the box…Wow!  The boxset sold out in just a couple of days so could this see JN putting out some of Eric’s work on vinyl?  We can only wait and hope!

America’s Drug / Titan Space Heater / Sailor of the Rainpool Seas / Uncharted Waters  / In Another Galaxy / Down by the Bay / Brilliant Concert numbers / Yosemete Sam Lunchbox / Face of Man / Sore Foot Weirdy


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Land of Make Believe – Almost Halloween Time/Academia/Self Released – LP/Cdr/Cassette – 2015

Re-recorded tracks from 2015 originally available digitally via Bandcamp but also as a limited edition CDr and a run of cassette’s on Academia.  Later released on Almost Halloween Time records as a limited edition of 110 copies.  Eric is selling the first 25 with hand drawn/painted sleeves direct from his Bandcamp page.  The remainder are available directly from the label and also come with hand painted sleeves by Luigi Falagario.

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Supernatural Force – Cassette – Academia – 2016

A compilation of Eric’s tracks from the III era featuring the original versions plus additional garage recordings.  You can buy it digitally or Academia have released a run of cassettes.


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One thought on “Eric Gaffney Albums

  1. I ordered Face Of Man and Sore Foot Weirdy back in 2011 off of his Anglefire page. I saw that he signed yrs just like mine. I’m from the same area as Eric and was introduced to him a couple years ago while I was doing record and show reviews so we set up an interview that I turned into an article. I tried to get some sites interested in it but nobody wanted to bother. Pitchfork told me that they didn’t really have an interest in the “other guy from early 90’s Sebadoh.” I ended up self publishing it on my blog and it surprisingly got lots of hits and in the following months both Pitchfork and Noisey did their own stories on him. After all of that I reached out to him only to find out that he blocked me from Facebook haha! I guess he didn’t like my article. Check it out if you want.

    Your site is awesome btw. Didn’t know there were collectors like me out there.

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