Sebadoh Albums



The Freed Man – LP/CD/Cassette – Homestead/Domino – 1989

An early collection of Lou and Eric tracks which were initially available on a self released cassette and later put out through Homestead Records.  The album was re-released in 2007 in an extended edition featuring tracks from many of the early 7″ releases,

Bridge Was You / Soulmate / I Love Me / Nest / Careless Mind Hands / True Hardcore / Close Enough / Loosened Screw / Solid Brown / Made Real / Crumbs / Narrow Stories / Drifts on Through / Wall of Doubt / Lou Rap / Growin Up With You / Healthy Sick / Land of the Lords / Ladybugs / Moldy Bread / Squirrel Freedom Overdrive / Burning Out / Bolder / Why Do You Cut Off Your Sleeves / Wrists / Last Day of School / Punch in the Nose / Deny / Level Anything / Jealous Evil / K-Sensa My I / Mothra



Weed Forestin’ – LP/Cassette – Homestead – 1987

Originally self released on cassette, it was later re-released by Homestead on LP and cassette.  A CD version featuring many of the Freed Man tracks was later released under the title The Freed Weed.

Temporary Dream / New Worship / Subtle Holy Gift / My Own Religion / Ride the Darker Wave / More Simple / Jealous of Jesus / Mr. Genius Eyes / Perfect Power / Feeding Evil / Sexual Confusion / Three Times a Day / Gate to Hell / Broken / Whitey Peach / I Can’t See / Take My Hand / Pound My Skinny Head / I Believe in Fate / Waited Forever / Slightest Suggestion / It’s So Hard to Fall in Love / Brand New Love



Sebadoh – The Freed Weed – CD – 1990

A CD compilation featuring the entire Weed Forrestin’ album plus the majority of the Freed Man album

Temporary Dream / New Worship / Subtle Holy Gift / My Own Religion / Ride the Darker Wave / More Simple / Jealous of Jesus / Mr. Genius Eyes / Perfect Power / Feeding Evil / Sexual Confusion / Three Times a Day / Gate to Hell / Broken / Whitey Peach / I Can’t See / Take My Hand / Pound My Skinny Head / I Believe in Fate / Waited Forever / Slightest Suggestion / It’s So Hard to Fall in Love / Brand New Love / Burning Out / Little Man / Punch in the Nose / Loose ‘n’ Screw / Jealous Evil / Moldy Bread / Bridge Was You / Bolder / True Hardcore / Stop the Wheel / Made Real / Level Anything / Soulmate / Nest / Narrow Stories / Submarine / Wall of Doubt / Crumbs


Sebadoh III – LP/CD – Homestead/Domino – 1991

Classic early sebadoh album considered by many to be their greatest album.  Features the classic line up of Lou, Eric and Jason.  The album was re-released with additional tracks in 2006 by Domino.

The Freed Pig / Sickles and Hammers / Total Peace / Violet Execution / Scars, Four Eyes / Truly Great Thing / Kath / Perverted World / Wonderful, Wonderful / Limb by Limb / Smoke a Bowl / Black-Haired Gurl / Hoppin’ Up and Down / Supernatural Force / Rockstar / Downmind / Renaissance Man / God Told Me / Holy Picture / Hassle / No Different / Spoiled / As the World Dies, the Eyes of God Grow Bigger



Sebadoh – Rocking the Forest – Domino – 1992

Mini LP for the UK whose tracks also feature on Sub Pop’s Smash Your Head on the Punk Rock.  There is also a City Slang version for Germany.

Gimme Indie Rock / Ride the Darker Wave / It’s So Hard to Fall in Love / Cry Sis / Really Insane II / Vampire / Junk Bonds / Mind – Meld



Sebadoh Vs Helmet – CD/LP – Domino – 1992

Second Mini LP from 92 which with Rockin’ the Forest made up the Sub Pop release Smash your head on the Punk Rock

Notsur Dnuora Selcric / Brand New Love / Mean Distance / …Burned / New Worship / Good Things, Proud Man / P. Moon / Cecilia Chime in Melee / Soulmate



Smash your head on the Punk Rock – LP/CD – Sub Pop – 1992

Compilation album featuring tracks from Sebadoh Vs Helmet and Rocking the Forest.  The vinyl is green and seems pretty scarce.  Anyone wanting to unload a copy let me know 🙂

Cry Sis / Brand New Love / Notsur Dnuora Selcric / Vampire / Good Things / Cecilia Chime in Melee / Everybody’s Been Burned / Junk Bonds / New Worship / Mean Distance / Pink Moon / Mind Meld

Images below of green vinyl edition courtesy of Simone Iordan



Bubble & Scrape – LP/CD – Domino/Sub Pop – 1993

My favourite album and an all time classic.  This was the last album Eric would play a major part in before parting ways with Sebadoh.  The album was re-released with additional tracks by Domino records and the original trio reunited for a series of shows to promote the re-release.  1,000 of the original UK LPs came with a free 7″.

Soul and Fire / Two Years Two Days / Telecosmic Alchemy / Fantastic Disaster / Happily Divided / Sister / Cliche / Sacred Attention / Elixir is Zog / Emma Get Wild / Sixteen / Homemade / Forced Love / No Way Out / Bouquet For a Siren / Think (Let Tomorrow Bee) / Flood



Bakesale – LP/CD – Domino/Sub Pop – 1994

Breakthrough album for Sebadoh featuring the classic tracks, Skull and Rebound.  Bob Fay took over from Eric at this time although had a much smaller song writing contribution.  Early copies of the UK LP came with a free bonus  7″

License to Confuse / Careful / Magnet’s Coil / Not a Friend / Not Too Amused / Dreams / Skull / Got it / S. Soup / Give Up / Rebound / Mystery Man / Temptation Tide / Drama Mine / Together or Alone



Harmacy – LP/CD – Domino/Sub Pop – 1996

This was the final album featuring Bob Fay.  There is a scarce Australian vinyl edition on Fellaheen Records that comes in a 7″ style sleeve and coloured vinyl.  Seems to be pretty scarce.

On Fire / Prince-S / Ocean / Nothing Like You / Crystal Gypsy / Beauty of the Ride / Mind Reader / Sforzando! / Willing to Wait / Hillbilly II / Zone Doubt / Too Pure / Worst Thing / Love to Fight / Perfect Way / Can’t Give Up / Open Ended / Weed Against Speed / I Smell a Rat

Vinyl images courtesy of Simone Iordan’s Sebadoh collection



The Sebadoh – LP/CD – Domino/Sub Pop – 1999

Sebadoh’s final album of the era which saw Bob Fay replaced by Russell Pollard (Later of the New Folk Implosion).  According to Lou this album failed to make much of an impact and saw the band retreat, not to return with new music as a group for another 15 years. 😦

It’s All You / Weird / Bird in the Hand / Break Free / Tree / Nick of Time / Flame / So Long / Love is Stronger / Decide / Colorblind / Thrive / Cuban / Sorry / Drag Down



Wade through the Boggs – CD – Self Released – 2007

A self released compilation CD limited to 1,000 copies and originally available on tour and through both Lou and Eric’s websites around the time of the Bubble & Scrape re-union Tour.  Tracks are all from 89-93.

Happily Divided / Healthy Sick / Messin’ Around / Cheapshot / Let the Day Have Its Way / Mean Distance / Spoiled / Not My Friend / MEE-YOW / Smaller Yard / All That I Could / Broken Love / Cry Sis / Limb by Limb / Indeed You Are / Wake and Bake / Visibly Wasted / Wade Through the Boggs / Katina’s / Chicken Walk / Sebadough!



Defend Yourself – LP/CD/Cassette – Joyful Noise/Domino – 2013

They’re back! Featuring new drummer Bob D’Amico, Sebadoh returned after a long hiatus with a new album and a new US label. There are many different versions of this album with the most interesting being a limited US edition on a tri-colour vinyl plus a free red vinyl 7″ limited to just 500 copies.  Nice.


kcr trouble u

KCRtoubleyou – Cassette – Shrimper – 2015

A cassette releases of Sebadoh’s 1999 KCRW recording session for Cassette Store Day 2015 on Shrimper Records


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