Miscellaneous Associations

This is where all those odds and sods are going that are neither Sebadoh nor really solo work by either Lou, Eric or Jason.  It is where I will include records that either Lou, Eric or Jason have made guest appearances or are part of a one off collaboration.  It is also where you can find work by Sebadoh alumni such as Bob Fay but expect gaps.  Probably lots of them.

Belt Buckle

Belt Buckle – Judas Suicide – 7″ – Sonic Bubblegum – 1993

This 7″ features Lou playing with Bob Fay and Eric Matthews of Cardinal.  It comes in a number of different version.  What I believe is the standard edition comes on black vinyl and with a black and grey sleeve.  There is also a clear vinyl version with this sleeve.  It also comes with a Sonic Bubblegum insert.  There is also a version with a black and red sleeve.

Judas Suicide / Pocket Skylab Love / Mary Hair / Girl Who Reads


Steve Westfield

Steve Westfield & the Slow Band – Split – 7″ – Chunk – 1994

Split 7″ with the Scud Mountain Boys.  Lou and Murph from Dino form Steve Westfield’s Slow Band.

Sittin’ on the bottom of the world



Unconvinced – Spaceways – 7″ – 18 Wheeler – 1994

Hand numbered and limited 7″ from Bob Fay and Anne Slin

..Spaceways / No Ride Home / Sit at Home / St. Thomas


Somerville Players

The Somerville Players – Volume One – 7″ – Lissys – 199?

This record features both Jason and Bob Fay playing with Anne Slinn, Roy Montgomery and Barbara Manning playing covers of both Faust and Black Sabbath.  The release itself comes in a selection of red, purple and green silk screened sleeves of which the green appears to be the most typical.

Flashback Caruso / Supernaut



Deluxx – 7″ – Lissy’s – 199?

7″ featuring Bob Fay, Sebadoh’s ex drummer and Mark Peretta who also appeared with Bob as part of the Deluxx Folk Implosion.  Did you see what they did there?

Spreadable / Barn Taco / Pocket Watch



Crush – Squeaky – 7″ – Time to develop – 1988

Bob Fay plays drums on this release.

Squeaky / Taller Than Jesus



Neil & the D-Tales – flexi 7″ – The Bob – 1995

Flexi 7″ which came free with issue 50 of the Bob magazine.  The record also features tracks by REM and Smashing Orange.  The song features both Lou and Bob.

Fanzine Politics


The Caroline Know

The Caroline Know – Nail – 7″ – Bus Stop – 1991

Jason plays drums on this release.

Nail / Orphaned Too


sebadoh amnesiac godz

Amnesiac Godz – Split 7″ with the Country Teasers – 7″ – Guided Missile – 1999

Split 7″ featuring Jason Loewenstein and Russ Pollard as the Amnesiac Godz.

Mournful Oatmeal / Ghost in the Practice Space on Grammy Eve



Dumb Numbers – LP/CD – Joyful Noise – 2013

Lou plays with Adam Harding’s Dumb Numbers.  The band also includes Dale Crover from the Melvins.  The photography from the album was produced by David Lynch and 20 copies came with a free signed print by the man himself.  There is a limited edition of 500 individually numbered copies on pink/purple vinyl

Breaking The Split-Screen Barrier / Last Night I Had A Dream / Strange Beauty / Lost Inside / Redrum  [LISTEN] / The Broken Promise / Evil Has Grown / Without / Last Night I Fell in Love with the Stars



Fortune Cookie Party – LP/CD – Simple Machines – 1992

Was not sure if to add this but Lou appears as part of Leafy Chipmunk with Bob Fay and Bob Weston. What’s more it is a Beat Happening covers album so why not eh!

Our Secret



The 6ths – Wasp’s Nest – 4×7″/CD – London – 1995

This album was pulled together with songs written by Stephen Merritt of the Magnetic Fields but rather than sung by him recorded by a myriad of special guests.  Lou takes on vocals duties on the track In the City in the rain plus there are contributions from the likes of Amelia Fletcher from Talulah Gosh and Heavenly, Mary Timony and Stuart Moxham.  There is a particularly cool 7″ box set which is limited to about 1,000 copies.

In the City in the rain

dale crover

Dale Crover –United Fruit – 7″ – Amphetamine Reptile – 2014

Lou played Guitar on this rocking release on AmRep backing up the Melvin’s Dale Crover.  I believe there are two versions of the 7″.  There is  a red and silver splatter vinyl edition limited to 300 copies and there is a black and silver version with hand stamped, numbered sleeves.  Dead or alive is a Warren Zevon cover.

United Fruit / Dead or Alive

dale red

no chief 1

No Chief – Finally found – Digital – 2014

Bandcamp release from Bob d’Amico.  Jason features and the vocal’s are by That Dog’s Petra Haden.  Download from here

Finally found

no chief 2

No Chief – Ride – Digital – 2014

Another Bandcamp release from Bob D’Amico.  Check it!


tres padres

Tres Padres – Father’s Day – 7″ – 2015

An as yet unreleased (Potentially never to be released) 7″ from Lou Barlow, Dale Crover and Imaad Wasif under the Tres Padres moniker.  The record was recorded at Dave Grohl’s studio and was planned to be a charity release.  For some reason it has never materialised despite already having been pressed in an edition of 1,000 copies.  Lou has made the tracks available on YouTube but the records themselves are being sat on by whoever had them pressed.  Hopefully one day it will see the light of day!

Father’s Day / A lot to maintain


Scotch Broom Collective – LP – Golden Lab – 2015

Ten years after its rumoured release on Thurston Moore and Byron Coley’s Ecstatic Yod Actuel Ass Run series, Golden Lab records from the UK finally released Various Past Moments by Scotch Broom Collective. Bob Fay, working with bandmate Jason Lowenstein (Sebadoh), Conrad Capistran (TARP),and Mark Perretta (Deluxx/Deluxx Folk Implosion), or Scotch Broom Collective, on these recordings grabbed at impromptu gatherings. The vinyl only release is limited to 250 copies.

scotch 2

Of the wide world I stand alone / Those vernal seasons / The desire to take medicine / Hailing from a different stata / You owe yourself a drunk / Salem Willows / Drum Tandem take 17 / Secular Alliance / Nice Lady / Millers pedal – not for the heavy folk / Walkman Window / Mandolins of our time / 3 prong step / Desert Forest Fire / Voter info Tape / Models Realm / Deluxx Drum Divide / Turtle Circus / Pocket Skylab Love

As I mentioned at the top of the page there are too many gaps to fill and whilst obsessive I’m not that obsessive.  Dinosaur Jr for example is notable by its absence.  Anyway pictures from Sebadoh and Suchlike etc below for your viewing pleasure…

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