Folk Implosion Singles


Walk thru this world with the Folk Implosion – 7″ – Drunken Fish – 1994

The Folk Implosion’s first 7″ release featuring tracks from the Chocolate Monk cassette.  Features covers of both Nirvana and Tom Petty tracks.

Eternal Party / School / My Head Really Hurts / I Know What I Want Today / Third Mind Trouble / Walk Through This World… / End of the First Side / I Remember the Angels / Hey, You Don’t Say / Won’t Back Down / So Sweet I Swear / End

fiElectric Idiot

Electric Idiot – 7″ – Ubik records – 1994

7″ on clear vinyl.  The tracks on this record as well as the Palm of My Hand 7″ also feature on a Communion Records CD.

Opening Day / Electric Idiot / Lo-Fi Suicide / I Reserve the Right to Rock / Final Score


Folk Implosion Natural One 10"

Natural One – 10″/CDs – London – 1995

There are a number of CDs versions of this single and this 10″ version on London Records.  Different version feature a mix of exclusive B-sides and UNKLE remixes.  There is also a 12″ with the Kids Soundtrack cover.

Original Mix / Cabride / Nothing Gonna Stop / Simean Groove


Deluxx Folk Implosion – 7″ – Domino Records – 1996

UK 7″ featuring Lou and John teaming up with Bob Fay and Mark Peretta to form the Deluxx Folk Implosion.  7″ features 5 tracks with a heavier, punkier sound than the non-deluxx version of the Folk Implosion.  There is also a CD promo for Daddy Never Understood on London Records.

Daddy Never Understood / Greetings From Sarajevo / Daddy Never Understood / Ovenmitt / Liquid Bread

fiFolk Implosion UNKLE Mix Mo Wax

Natural One (Unkle Mix)/Freaky Flow split – 12″ – Mo Wax – 1995

DJ 12″ featuring the UNKLE mix of Natural One on one side followed by DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist’s Freaky Flow on the flip.

Natural One (Unkle Mix)



The Folk Implosion – CDs – Communion – 1996

A compilation of the Ubik Electric Idiot 7″ and the Mood Swings 7″ on CD

Palm of My Hand / Mood Swing / Opening Day / Electric Idiot / Lo-Fi Suicide / I Reserve the Right to Rock / Final Score


Palm of my hand

Palm of My Hand – 7″ – Communion Records – 1996

Fantastic 7″ on Communion Records which also features on the Communion Electric Idiot CD EP (With the tracks from the Ubik 7″)

Palm of My Hand / Mood Swing


Folk Implosion Insinuation 7"

Insinuation – 7″ – Communion – 1997

Single from the Dare to be Surprised album.  Also available on CDs.

Insinuation / Keeping Score / Trail Burn

fiPole Position

Pole Position – 7″ – Communion – 1997

Second single from the Dare to be Surprised album.

Pole Position / Opening Day (acoustic) / Summer’s Over


Free to Go

Free to Go – 7″ – Domino – 2000

UK 7″ (Also available on CDS featuring different tracks)

Free to Go (edit) / Blossom / Shake a Little Heaven


Brand of Skin

Brand of Skin – 7″ – Domino – 2003

Brand of Skin / Caterpillar Girl



Pearl – 7″ – Domino – 2003

Pearl / Can’t Make a Wrong Thing Right (Synthriver)


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